How does Copalana Work? Its very simple

Copalana wants to change how you support and fund worthy social causes and projects. We want to disrupt the status quote by offering an innovative, storytelling platform for companies, non-profits and advocates who are committed to doing good and acting responsibly. We help companies engage and empower their employees, build strong communities and collaborate effectively with non-profit partners.

100% of your donation goes to the NPO of the project you care about!

We don't take any money and you don't get charged any credit card fees. This unique service is only possible thanks to our corporate sponsors.

Transparency is the key!

We want to make it transparent with regards where your money goes and how it is used. Copalana works with selected NPO partners to define projects with clear goals and targets. More importantly, we ensure that the NPO partners provide you status updates once the projects are funded.

Help support change as a champion!

On Copalana you do good not just by funding a project, but also by starting a campaign. Create a personal campaign and define how much money you want to raise for a project you want to support. Share your personal story/campaign with your network and perhaps orgnaize an event.

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