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Do Your Clients Want to Work with Companies Who Care About Social Responsibility?

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  • Give the Gift of Giving
  • Engage your clients
  • Enhance your brand reputation

How it works

1 Give your clients a personalized gift card to support charitable causes
2 Clients select causes / projects they wish to support
3 Great conversation topic for your next client meeting
gift card

Design your personalized Gift Card

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Your gift recipient can support causes they care about

  • Animal Rights
  • Nature Systems
  • Food System
  • Gender Equity
  • North-South Collaboration
  • Racial Justice
  • Intercultural Education
  • Knowledge & Education
  • Youth Education

Your Benefits

Easy Setup

Dashboard to manage your budget, campaigns, payments.

Create cool gift cards and generate a pdf.

Engage your Clients

Work with your client to promote a better world.

Inspire them with purpose driven activity.

Enhance your Brand

Demonstrate that your company cares about social responsibility.

Promote your brand values.