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Your Company Can Drive Social Change

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a buzzword – it’s a fast-evolving reality. Clients, shareholders, and employees expect companies to act responsibly. Companies that understand this trend and act to embrace it are poised not only to hire and retain the best talent, but also to profit from customer loyalty.

Employees are your core. Help engage them.
It's no surprise that happy employees are more productive, more loyal, and more likely to succeed. When an employee feels connected to - and satisfied with - their employer, they become an invaluable asset in your company's growth journey.
From volunteering to crowdfunding campaigns, the Copalana ecosystem provides you with all the tools you need to inspire, engage and reward your employees.
Every customer cares. You should too.
In an interconnected world, customer voices have become an integral part of any business's ability to survive and thrive.
A new generation of customers has arrived, and they care more about the state of the world and sustainable corporate activity than ever before. When you care about making a difference, they will care about you. Copalana provides an effective CSR solution that raises brand awareness and aligns your values with theirs.

How Copalana Helps your Company

Vetting and due diligence
Every NPO you connect with has already been vetted by us, saving your time.
Powerful user-friendly tech
A platform is so simple that every employee can use it, yet so adaptable that it provides a holistic CSR solution out of the box.
Endless scalability
Whether you're just starting out or already have a global reach, our platform grows with you.
Brand awareness
Share your achievements and build on your brand with our storytelling tools that reach a worldwide audience.
Stronger connections
We'll help you find and forge deeper connections with non-profits that match your company's vision.
Charitable gift cards
Rewarding an employee and making an impact at the same time just got easier, thanks to our customizable Gift of Giving service.

CSR In a box

It’s easy and cost effective for companies, large or small, to either start or augment their existing CSR programs. Our CSR-in-a-box solution provides a comprehensive solution that companies can plug into and become part of a growing social-impact ecosystem.

Eco System

Case Studies


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True gender equality is impossible unless women across the world have abortion rights and complete control of their body. This is why.


What Can One Person Do? - The Environment

Every single person has the power to change the world. Here are some simple, everyday things you can do to help the environment.


Back to Nature: Can Rewilding Save the Environment?

This relatively new approach to conservation could save the environment. But does it work?

Download our Position paper

Download our Position paper

Download the position paper to better understand our concept, the services and how you can get involved.
Irrespective of the size of your organization, you can help support social change.
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What our Community says. Means a lot

Copalana is an innovative and intuitive platform that helps provide transparency and encourages non-profits to tell their story via status updates. I like to know how contributions are being used and what impact they make.

Philippe Theytaz

Philippe Theytaz



With the Copalana platform, it’s easy to grow a successful business and do good at the same time. Get in touch and we'll show you how.