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Get everyone together to make a contribution to your cause. Copalana doesn't just give you the chance to connect with a world of corporate partners. We take the hard work out of fundraising, so you have more time changing the world.

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The free donation & fundraising platform

  • Copalana harnesses the power of the crowd, bringing together corporate employees and individuals to help you out financially.
  • Our powerful fundraising platform, completely free for nonprofits, also helps you activate individual champions, who can create mini campaigns and push your fundraising efforts to the finish line.
  • Already working with corporate partners? Streamline the connection and maximise impact for both sides through our advanced tools and company-initiated fundraising drives.

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How to start a fundraiser

Whether you're raising funds for an active project, an urgent response, or ongoing operations, getting up and running on our platform is quick and simple.

Less work. More funding.

Manually organising a fundraiser is no easy task. That's why Copalana manages all the difficult parts for you, so you can focus on reaching your goal.

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