There’s no limit to what you can do with a crowd of supporters behind you. Combining winning storytelling tools and vibrant marketplaces, Copalana turns the simple act of donating into an authentic giving journey – one that both expands your reach and inspires them to act.

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The fundraising platform where your story is front and centre

  • Copalana harnesses the power of the crowd, bringing together corporate employees and individuals to help you out financially.
  • Our powerful donation and fundraising platform also helps you activate and collaborate with individual champions, who can also create Campaigns to support your initiatives.
  • From the moment you sign up, to sharing initiatives and creating Campaigns, every step of the fundraising process is enhanced and driven by our effortless digital storytelling hub.

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Whether you're raising funds for an active project, an urgent response, or ongoing operations, getting up and running on our platform is quick and simple.

Less work. More funding.

Organising fundraising efforts – and getting the word out there – is normally hard work. That’s why Copalana manages all the difficult and time-consuming parts for you, so you can focus on reaching your goal.

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