Tour de Credit Suisse 2020, Swiss Team

Cycling for good. A Credit Suisse Team ready for the next cycling challenge.

Cycling for good - from 15 till 18 September 2020! Donations are collected in favor of the Charity of the Year 2020, namely the association CompiSternli in Davos.

For the seventh year running, the Tour de Credit Suisse team is gearing up for another cycling challenge – this year under unique circumstances. After the initial timing (July) and route (from Zurich to Trieste through five countries) fell victim to the restrictions from the Coronavirus, the team is now planning a 4-day tour during the third week of September. A group of 18 cyclists from Switzerland will start on September 15 from Montreux on Lac Léman and travel roughly 580 kilometers through nine cantons along the northwest part of Switzerland before finishing on September 18 in Zurich. The route includes the Col de la Croix, Col du Pillon, Col du Marchairuz, Col du Chasseral, Col du Mont Crosin, and Scheltenpass, climbing more than 12’000 meters in total.


Franz Michel

Why I care

Dear Friend and Colleagues, 

This year Tour the Credit Suisse supports out charity of the year organization Compisternli ( Compisternli aims to support older people to enter the modern digital world. The clever approach to this: the young digital natives help them in a supervised environment to dive into this new world. Thereby not only knock-how is transferred but also the generation-gap, which we face more and more in our modern society, becomes a bit smaller. 

The Tour is a bit shorter this year and will remain in Switzerland throughout. Within 4 days we will ride 580km and climb more than 12’000 vertical meters.

If you think this is an idea worth supporting please donate to our Charity Tour (in case you do not want to register at Copalana you can twint me at +41 78 755 25 14 and I will add it there). As a COVID19 special I will double the first 7 donations, since digitalization and the generation-gap are growing faster during this time making the work of Compisternli even more needed. So hurry up if your franc should be worth two. 

Thank you a lot for your support in advance, Franz


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  • Franz Michel


    Welcome to my campaign looking forward to your support.

  • Franz Michel


    Thank you Eleanor for your support. I added your donation and the Corona extra.

  • Franz Michel


    Thank you Susi and Gerhard for your donation. I added the Corona special ;-)

  • Franz Michel


    Thx a lot Françoise, Clemens and Norbert! I have added your donation and with the Corona extra. 

  • Mina

    Credit Suisse Switzerland


    Hi Franz
    You are right the Tour is a bit shorter, but nevertheless you will experience great moments with your colleagues. Your motivation cycling for a good cause will be for sure rewarded. I am very confident that your community will support you. I also like your approach motivating people. 😎👍
    All the best, Mina  

  • Franz Michel


    Thx Corlenlia for your support ;-)