Help save Cambodian Children

Fondation Solyna helps to give a new life for children

This Project consist in supporting the Swiss Fondation Solyna to save little Cambodian girls from human traffic. The situation is critical and therefore we need to act saving and educating little and yound girls in Cambodia who have been badly raped and tortured sometimes since their very early age!




Why I care

Dear Colleagues and Dear Friends,

I am a member of the board of the swiss foundation Solyna who is fighting against human traffic of little girls in Cambodia. The reason why I am so much engaged is being a mother of a 19-year old boy I am very sensitive to this cause. 

Your donation is very important to support the little girls who are living in our NGO house in Pnhom Phen.

I personnally visited the center with my son and I can tell you that the girls are fantastic and full of hope and live. They have a lots of dreams and projects for their future lives. They want to become a doctor, a nurse or a teacher !

Thanks you so much being part of this grateful cause.

Maryse Gabbay



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Campaign Goal
Target: CHF 750
Raised: CHF 470

Time Remaining : 25 Days
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    CHF 50

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    CHF 20

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  • Maryse

    Fondation Solyna


    Welcome to my campaign looking forward to your support.

  • Maryse

    Fondation Solyna


    I see 3 people who decided to support me! Thank you so much to these 3 colleagues, I am so touched and happy to see that my campaign interests you! I will keep you in touch for sure of the result of my campaign in this blog !!! Thanks again 🙏

  • Jennifer

    Fondation Solyna


    Great initiative Maryse! :-)

  • Mina


    Dear Maryse 
    Je suis très touché.
    I am pleased to support you with a donation for this very important cause.
    All the best, Mina


    Fondation Solyna


    Thanks so much dear Mina ! It is so kind of you! The little girls in Cambodia need so much our help ! Thanks again and have a nice end of year dear Mina !