In the response to coronavirus crisis, the Donation Matching Program was launched globally in April this year. This fundraising initiative allows all employees to make contributions for local organizations fighting coronavirus pandemic on a one-for-one basis, what means that all the payments made by employees until June 1, 2020 are going to be doubled by Credit Suisse.

We are happy to announce that Donation Matching Program has been recently opened for our Charity of the Year 2020 – St. Christopher's Oncological Hospice Foundation. It is a great opportunity to show our engagement and support of our Charity of the Year. Only two weeks have left for donations to be matched.**

Learn more about the Donation Matching Program:

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Problem We Are Trying to Solve

The aim of the St. Christopher’s Oncological Hospice Foundation is to provide comprehensive end-of-life care to patients and support their families.

How We Are Going To Do It

You can donate by using Copalana website or you can transfer your money directly to FHO bank account (assigned to Credit Suisse). In the title please insert : Donation Matching Program now available for the COTY 2020

Bank details: 

Fundacja Hospicjum Onkologiczne

73 1240 1040 1111 0010 9621 5389



Who Benefits

With support from Credit Suisse, the hospice will be able to secure access of the on premise hospice to:

-           good quality food for patients;

-           undisturbed service of medical waste utilization;

-           undisturbed service of laundry services;

-           good quality specialized cleaning services.

Long Term Impact

Project goals:  

-education on methods of working with terminally ill people and with mourners,

- promoting altruistic and open to the other attitudes in the society,

- encouraging young people to engage in practical help for suffering people,

- acquiring the funds needed for the ongoing operation of the Oncology Hospice Foundation

What We Need To Do

    All we need to do is donate, and support the Hospice ! 

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

St Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation FHO

Zuzanna Adamczak


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