The Silvesterlauf run will take place on December 15th, 2019 for the 43rd time in Zurich. The Swiss Society for Muscular Disorders is the charity partner.


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

In Switzerland, over 10,000 children, adolescents and adults are affected by a muscle disease. Most of these diseases are hereditary and severely affect life: inability to walk, the need to use a wheelchair and a sometimes drastically shortened lifespan are the most serious effects. To this day, there is no causal treatment for muscle diseases.

How We Are Going To Do It

Since 2010, Credit Suisse has supported the muscle society in the preparation and implementation of the event and provides several volunteers each year.

This year another action takes place. For the second time, teams from Group Ops will take part in the charity run.

For all those who cannot participate, you can support the Swiss Society for Muscular Disorders online with a donation.

Who Benefits

The donation goes 100 % to the Swiss Society for Muscular Disorders.

They will be able to finance various projects, such as two holiday offers for children and young people, one in February for one week and the other in July for two weeks. Muscle patients of all ages appreciate these offers very much. Their strongly structured everyday life is broken up in the sense of the motto: "self-determined and on a par with others". They use the opportunity to make friends with each other and with people who do not suffer from muscular disorders.

For the parents of children and teenagers with muscular disorders, these holiday offerings provide them with a real break from what is typically a strenuous day-to-day routine.

Long Term Impact

Coping with a severe physical handicap is not easy to overcome – for all those affected. These carefree vacation days facilitate sustainable social contact outside of the individual’s everyday environment, and often lead to an improvement in the health situation of those involved.

The participating carers, who provide their services voluntarily and receive only pocket money for their trouble, improve their social skills in dealing with people with severe physical handicaps.

What We Need To Do

    These holiday offerings are very expensive: In addition to an average of two carers per participant, a comprehensive professional care service is required.

    The annual financial outlay typically amounts to some CHF 330,000. With an amount like this, any donation of any amount really counts!

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

Schweizerische Muskelgesellschaft

Kurt Broger


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