The project wants to reduce the incidence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as one of the forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Tanzania, which is actually prohibited but still practised.


The “Stop Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - Start the Alternative” project aims at reducing the incidence of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as one of the forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Tanzania, which is actually prohibited but still practised.

Female Genitale Mutilation (FGM) is still practised frequently amongst nomadic tribes in the rural areas of Tanzania and Kenya, although officially prohibited by law.

This project approach has been designed to contribute sustainably towards the reduction of incidence of FGM among young girls and women of reproductive age (WRA) in Tanzania.

The project partners and works with local communities using the Alternative Rites of Passage (ARP) to sustainably establish alternative rituals accepted by all relevant stakeholders in the community.

As FGM is still practised in nomadic tribes in Tanzania and Kenya to mark the trespassing of girls into womanhood, the project aims at establishing alternative rituals to mark this passage and achieving acceptance in the local communities for these alternatives, so that the girls do not have to undergo the procedure of FGM anymore. 

This alternative passage approach comprises dancing ceremonies for the girls along with extensive education in schools regarding the severe impacts of FGM on the female body and trainings of the women, who have worked as cutters so far, in alternative professions.

ARTE has impressively documented this successful and sustainable approach in the following documentary:

  • Young girls of the local communities
  • Women of reproductive age of the local communities
  • Women having conducted the profession of cutters so far

• Empowering young girls, women of reproductive age, cutters, elders, influential leaders and communities to abandon FGM practices.

• Building the capacity of health care workers, legal officers, traditional birth attendants, youth peer educators and community influencers to deliver effective services, counselling and legal support to girls affected by FGM practices.

• Strenghtening the capacity of the Ministry of Health, local authorities, community members and community based organization in carrying out policy and law advocacy on reduction of FGM practices.

• Conduct awareness meetings for the target groups in the local communities in Tanzania.

• Implement trainings in schools & educate peer-trainers.

• Conduct ARP (Alternative Rites of Passage) ceremonies in the communities.

• Train cutters in entrepreneurship & fund their alternative start-up businesses.

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