Dear All, 

As most of you already know I will be leaving Credit Suisse at the end of July 2020. Over number of years, among number of other duties and activities, I was heavily involved in Credit Suisse Charity Initiatives supporting individuals, institutions as well as Credit Suisse Poland Charity of the Year. 



Early this year I was preparing very special challenge, surpassing Harda Triathlon Challenge achievement, which I have completed last year. 

Arctic Row was planned to become main CRO Charity initiative for 2020, however, due to Covid-19 this had to be cancelled… 

·12-14 days of consecutive rowing 

· Accompanied by 4 other daredevils 

·covering distance of nearly 1500km of the Arctic Ocean 

·3 Guinness World Records

You have all been great supporters of all my charity initiatives, hence I would like to invite you to this Last charity Dance despite Covid-19 situation

We will be collecting donations to support Credit Suisse Poland Charity of the Year (Oncological Hospice in Warsaw) until my last day with Credit Suisse

This charity initiative is to commemorate ALL CRO Charity initiatives I participated and to support Oncological Hospice in Warsaw.

The donations will help support the Oncological Hospice in their daily struggles. The Hospice provides comprehensive end-of-life care to patients and support their families – all that thanks to highly skilled and constantly learning staff who share their experience in academic rooms and at pre-school events.

Donate through the Copalana website.

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

St Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation FHO

Anna Hale

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St Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation FHO

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