Have you ever dreamed about visiting India? Or maybe you would like to learn Hindi?

Let’s travel together to sunny and colourful India and support the Charity of the Year!

Our guide, Suresh from SUB IT will help you to explore his country.


Basic information about India. Useful vocabulary and sentences in Hindi. Culture of food: typical dishes, table manners and customs Popular customs in India and unknown curiosities  Undiscovered India (unpopular but interesting places) Q&A

Date & Time:

Date: 04.12.2020

Time: 15:00-16:00

Invitations will be send on 02.12.2020

Minimum 5 zl contribution.

Please remember to support Charity of the Year via Copalana website :)


Problem We Are Trying to Solve

SUB Poland is launching funding initiative to support Charity of the Year - St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation.

How We Are Going To Do It

Donate and join the session

Who Benefits

St. Christopher's Oncology Hospice Foundation

Long Term Impact

With support from Credit Suisse, the hospice will be able to secure access of the on premise hospice to:

-good quality food for patients;

-undisturbed service of medical waste utilization;

-undisturbed service of laundry services;

-good quality specialized cleaning services

What We Need To Do

    Donate and join the session

UN Sustainability Goals Supported

St Christopher’s Oncology Hospice Foundation FHO

Zuzanna Adamczak


Project Goal Open
Target: PLN 200
Raised: PLN 35

Time Remaining : 9 Days
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