Show them you care with an inspiring and sustainable gift

Surprise your loved ones. Reward your employees. Appreciate your friends. Give a gift that makes a real
difference, to the special people in your life and to the world.

One Small Gift. A World of Difference.

Copalana Gift Cards combine the simple joy of gift giving with an emphasis on a better future for all.
Show that you care by both supporting sustainable gift giving practices yourself, and inspiring others to follow their passions.
We make giving a unique gift as easy as possible, with fully customisable gift cards and a wide range of non-profit fundraisers for the recipient to choose from.

How a Copalana Gift Card works

Create, send, and redeem a Copalana Gift Card in just a couple of clicks with our easy-to-use wizards and templates.

The perfect gift for any occasion

Support their passions.
Inspire new ones.

Most people want to do good. They want to help the world around them, but often lack the resources, time, and focus to do so.

With a Copalana Gift Card, you can remove those obstacles to giving, and let the people you care about make their own difference, the way they want to.

Our gift cards allow the recipient to contribute to any fundraiser of their choosing, helping them to also discover new causes and projects that they might not have known about.

Thoughtful, sustainable, life-changing

From design to redemption, we’ve made gifts less work and more meaningful

Reward your employees. Change the world.

Building a strong workplace culture means rewarding your employees for the work they do. A tailored and branded Copalana Gift Card program can be the perfect extension of your CSR strategy, boosting employee engagement and satisfaction while giving back to important causes both locally and around the world.

If you want to see how our Gift Cards can work for your company, contact us to request a no-obligation demo today.

Fundraisers you can contribute to

Gift card recipients can choose to support any of the fundraisers on our platform, covering a range of causes, including the environment, animal welfare, social equity, disaster relief, healthcare, and so much more.

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