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Even a small contribution can make a big difference. Help amazing nonprofits continue their vital work across the world by bringing your network together and giving.

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Give to the causes you care about

Nonprofits across the world are doing their best to tackle the diverse challenges our planet and communities are facing. But they need financial help.

You can help them succeed by:

  • Donating directly to fundraisers that nonprofits have set up to address specific problems
  • Becoming a Champion and starting a fundraising campaign to promote and contribute funds to a project
  • Suggesting a fundraiser to help a nonprofit you're already connected with

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Let's join forces and make a bigger difference.

Humanity always works best when we join together. When we collaborate and pool resources, it makes it much easier to overcome the obstacles our world is facing today.

Your time, passion, and financial contribution do make a big impact on the work of nonprofits, and the lives of everyone. When you contribute whatever you can - whether it's spare cash or spare time - everyone in the community benefits.

We make it simple to do your part. We make it simple for you to feel good about yourself, and about our future.

Three ways to raise funds


Help a nonprofit's project get off the ground and amplify their impact by contributing directly.

Launch a campaign

Start a fundraising campaign that inspires your network and raises additional funds. Become a nonprofit's champion.

Propose a fundraiser

Propose a fundraiser that supports a nonprofit that you have a connection with.

How starting a campaign works

If you're passionate about a fundraiser on the platform, help push it to the finish line by becoming a champion.

Find your purpose. Find fulfillment.

Make an active choice to tackle the world's challenges, and find empowerment in the process.
The simple act of donating helps you to discover the causes you’re passionate about. Discovering this passion, and even pursuing it further by becoming a Champion, leads to greater life fulfillment and a greater sense of purpose.
When you join in, contribute, and share in the success of a fundraising effort, you'll make deep connections, build a network of like-minded friends, and feel the joy of true collaboration and the growth that it brings.

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How we care

  • Transparency.

    All nonprofits using our crowdfunding capabilities can share status updates on their projects and let you know how the funds are being spent.
  • Vetting.

    All of the nonprofits on our platform are thoroughly checked to ensure your contributions are in safe, trustworthy hands.
  • Free of charge.

    You and the nonprofits don't pay any fees for using our platform, ensuring more funds go to the right places.

The self-empowering way to raise funds

Copalana involves you in every step of the fundraising process, giving you the power to help in the way that you want to.