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Focus your passion and use your unique skills to help incredible nonprofits reach new heights. With the Copalana volunteering marketplace, it's simple to find your perfect match and start making a real difference.

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Help nonprofits with your professional skills

Nonprofits want to change the world, but they need your help.
By volunteering your professional expertise and experience, you'll be an invaluable part of their operations, letting them maximise their impact on the ground.
Skills-based volunteering, even virtually, contributes far more to nonprofits than just giving your time.

How skills volunteering works

Your search ends here. Turn thoughts into concrete action quickly and easily with our free volunteer marketplace.

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Find a deeper purpose and put those hard-earned skills to good use by assisting with projects from around the world.


Turn passion and fire into real change. Your energy, skills, and new ideas can make a world of difference.


Your enriching career isn't over. With your lifetime of experience and knowledge, you can find a new direction and make an invaluable contribution to the world.

Let's work together. It's what we’re made to do.

  • Humanity needs to work together to survive. Like every other species on the planet, it’s what we’re wired to do, and what we do best. Without close collaboration, we will never be able to overcome the obstacles our world is facing today.
  • Your experience, and your skills, are an integral part of the whole. When you contribute what you're good at, everyone in the community benefits.
  • We make it simple to volunteer your skills and find your place in the global community. We make it simple for you to feel good about yourself, and about our future.

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The easy way to start your volunteering journey

Don't know where to start with skills-based volunteering? Our marketplace makes the process painless.

Find your purpose. Find fulfillment.

  • Make an active choice to tackle the world's challenges, and find empowerment in the process.
  • Discovering and pursuing your passions through volunteering leads to greater life fulfillment and a greater sense of purpose, as well as helping you identify and advance your own career goals.
  • As you volunteer, you'll make deep connections, build a network of like-minded friends, and feel the joy of true collaboration and the growth that it brings.

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