How to Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign Noticed on Copalana

How to Get Your Crowdfunding Project Noticed on Copalana

In the digitally interconnected era, crowdfunding has emerged as a potent fundraising tool for non-profits. Platforms like Copalana provide a dedicated fundraising space for organizations to rally support, and using our tools, a fundraiser done the right way can be a major success.                             

However, with the increasing number of fundraisers vying for attention, how can your non-profit ensure that its cause stands out?

Let’s take a deep dive into what works – and most importantly, how social media can be used properly to raise visibility.

1. Craft a Compelling Story

Every cause has a story. Start by articulating a compelling narrative about why your non-profit is raising funds. Who will benefit? What difference will the contributions make? A powerful narrative resonates with potential donors and is more likely to be shared, helping you reach a broader audience.

2. Optimise Your Fundraiser Page

On Copalana, your fundraiser page is your primary pitch. Use high-quality images or videos that depict the essence of your cause. Ensure that the description is clear, concise, and compelling. Break down how the funds will be used, adding an element of transparency that donors appreciate.

3. Leverage Social Media

Social media plays an instrumental role in peer-to-peer fundraisers. Larger non-profits often have an expansive donor base to rely on for support, but if you don’t have this, getting the word out there is crucial. Without social media, this would be next to impossible.

Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to:

  • Promote your fundraiser: Regularly post updates, stories, and milestones. Use hashtags related to your cause and Copalana to increase discoverability.
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments, queries, and messages promptly. Engage in conversations related to your cause to build a community around your fundraiser.
  • Utilise visuals: Visual content, be it images, infographics, or videos, is more shareable and engaging. Create eye-catching visuals that encapsulate your fundraiser's essence.
  • Find new donors: Don’t forget to use social media for its original purpose: networking. Hubs like LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent ways to discover – and contact – new potential donors, and spread your message beyond your inner circle.

4. Personalise Your Outreach

While broad promotions are essential, personalised outreach can yield significant results. Identify potential major donors, influencers, or community leaders and approach them with a tailored pitch. Highlight why you believe your cause resonates with their values or interests.

5. Update and Engage

Don't let your fundraiser stagnate. Regularly update your Copalana page with the latest developments, milestones achieved, and stories from the ground. Engaging content not only keeps existing donors invested but also attracts new supporters.

6. Collaborate with Other Non-profits

On platforms like Copalana, collaboration can amplify reach. Consider partnering with non-profits that have complementary objectives for joint fundraisers or promotional efforts. This not only pools your collective audiences but also adds credibility to your fundraiser.

7. Mobilise Your Existing Supporters

Your existing donors, volunteers, and supporters are your biggest allies. Encourage them to share the fundraiser within their networks. Their personal endorsement can be more persuasive than any promotional content you produce.

8. Incorporate Testimonials

Real-life testimonials, whether from beneficiaries, volunteers, or past donors, add authenticity to your fundraiser. These stories can be powerful motivators for potential donors who want to see tangible impacts of their contributions.

9. Optimise for Mobile

With a significant chunk of digital interactions happening on mobile devices, ensure your fundraiser visuals and content are mobile-friendly. A seamless mobile experience can significantly boost engagement rates.

10. Leverage PR and Media

While digital strategies are pivotal, don't neglect traditional media. Send out press releases about your fundraiser, pitch story ideas to local media, or collaborate with bloggers and online publications for feature articles.

11. Offer Rewards or Recognitions

While the primary motivation for donors is to support the cause, a token of appreciation can enhance their experience. Consider offering digital badges, shout-outs on social media, or featuring donor names on your website. On Copalana, you can also provide updates specifically thanking milestone donors.

12. Analyse and Iterate

Use Copalana's analytics tools to track the performance of your fundraiser. Which promotional strategies are driving the most traffic? Where are the donors coming from? With these insights, refine your outreach tactics to optimise results.


Crowdfunding on platforms like Copalana offers non-profits a unique opportunity to rally both financial support and community engagement around their causes. However, in the crowded digital space, standing out requires a mix of storytelling, strategic promotion, and authentic engagement.

By tailoring your approach to the Copalana platform while leveraging broad-based strategies, your non-profit can ensure its fundraiser not only garners attention but also drives meaningful impact.

Want more resources to run a successful fundraiser? Sign up to Copalana today for access to our complete range of fundraising and volunteering tools.

Raphael Shinners
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Raphael Shinners
Crowdfunding can be a potent tool for nonprofits. But what's the best way to get your fundraiser noticed? Here are some tips to get started.

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