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Every non-profit needs to have a strong, authentic communications strategy if they want to maximise their impact. But if you don’t have time or your own expert, Copalana is the place to start, with all the tools you need to make sure your story gets heard.

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Your digital marketing hub where you can do more with less

Before you can really make a difference, you need to have an audience. But without available resources, many non-profits don’t have the luxury of paying attention to their marketing. We’re here to change all that for you, effortlessly.

Supercharge your impact with powerful storytelling
tools at your fingertips


Collaborate with our AI assistant to craft incredible social media posts and inspiring content, quickly and effortlessly.


Save time and stress by planning ahead. Check your content calendar at a glance and set up posts to go out when they'll make the most impact.


Use our content libraries to educate, raise awareness, promote, and celebrate your best work with a growing audience.


Because you can’t build a house without a plan first. Manage every part of your content strategy in the one place.

Better comms. More reach. Less work.

Our Storytelling centre is full of features designed with the non-specialist in mind. Save time and reduce your workload, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Non-Profits

Using social media as the backbone of your digital marketing strategy isn’t just a nice idea, it’s essential for any non-profit looking to grow. Here’s why.

Social media has long been the place for newer generations to expand their horizons and learn more about the world. It’s the perfect setting to educate, raise awareness, and promote your work and campaigns.

With the right tools and enough care, your social media accounts can cultivate a thriving community of like-minded individuals, helping you to grow your audience even further, organically.

Many non-profits work with limited resources, making volunteer recruitment and fundraising drives of utmost importance. Digital spaces, and especially social media, are crucial to powering these efforts.

The best way to get people to care about your work – and contribute to it – is to make them feel like they’re connected to you. You need a digital strategy that enables you to celebrate your wins with the world and develop strong personal relationships with your community.

How Copalana Storytelling works

Every part of the Copalana platform is design to feed into, and enhance, the way you tell your story and grow your audience. Using it to build your brand, while also fundraising and finding volunteers, couldn’t be simpler.

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