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Start fundraisers, find skilled volunteers, create corporate team events and publish your stories.

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Grow your audience and enhance engagement with minimal effort through an expanded storytelling toolkit and platform capabilities.

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CHF 890 / Year

Turn growth into maximum impact with advanced communications strategy planning and unlimited access to the platform.

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Story Teller

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Community Builder

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Share your initiatives, create fundraising campaigns, find skilled volunteers, host team events, and more
Limited Limited Unlimited
Helps you create inspiring content for social media and our platform
Choose from our library to find the content that resonates and fits your strategy
Limited Unlimited Unlimited
For the Starter plan, this limit is per account. For the Story Teller, this is per week
3 posts 5 per week Unlimited
Find remote professionals to volunteer for you and fill skill gaps
1 Project / 1 volunteer 5 Unlimited
Host paid volunteering events for corporates in your community
1 event / 1 booking 5 events/ Unlimited bookings Unlimited
Discover individuals on the platform who already match your requirements
Save time creating a volunteering opportunity with pre-made project templates
Turn volunteering success into authentic stories to build your brand
A clean, beautiful page where you can share your mission and receive donations in one place
The goals you're trying to achieve and projects you're trying to complete
1 3 Unlimited
Fundraisers run by you or individuals to support your work. This number refers to simultaneously run Campaigns
1 1 Unlimited
Encourage more giving through charitable gift cards that can be applied to any campaign initiative on the marketplace
Public Public Branded
Twint applicable in Switzerland only
Credit Card Credit Cards & Twint Credit Cards & Twint
Turn volunteering success into authentic stories to build your brand
Donors can log into their account and automatically generate their own tax receipts
A place to answer questions about your work and interact with your community
Storytelling Center Features
Helps you create all kinds of inspiring content for social media and our platform
For the Starter plan, this limit is per account. For the Story Teller, this is per week
3 posts 5 per week Unlimited
See how your content will look before you post it
Save content and tweak it later
Your posted and scheduled content at a glance
Plan social media content and comms campaigns in advance
Current available channels are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter/X, and Instagram
1 3 Unlimited
Analyze and refine your marketing strategy with an in-depth SEO report of your website
Don’t miss important dates that relate to your non-profit’s cause. A yearly calendar full of ideas lets you plan ahead and hook into awareness days and charitable events to help tell your story.
Storytelling Content Types
Craft a post that generates buzz about a current fundraising campaign
Craft a post that advertises a skills volunteering opportunity in your organisation
Craft a post that attracts companies and teams to your hosted volunteering events
Craft a post that gives more background and context to the work that you're doing
Craft a post that tells your audience more about the challenges and outcomes of your cause
Craft a post that celebrates the impact you're having in the world
Craft a post that highlights stories from your non-profit and the volunteers you've worked with
Craft a custom post covering any other type of topic
View and export metrics related to your fundraising, volunteering, and storytelling activity
Basic Advanced
Individual personal accounts linked to your non-profit
1 2 5
Support & Extras
How you can interact with our team
Email 1:1 meetings 1:1 meetings
A wealth of knowledge, tips, strategy, and explanatory videos
A monthly email newsletter with marketing and communications tips, success stories, and more
Network with corporates and other non-profits and take a deep dive into how your organisation can grow


The Starter plan is an excellent way for small non-profits to get a feel for our tools and capabilities before implementing a full social media and communications strategy.

With more limited access to our fundraising and volunteering marketplaces, nonprofits on the Starter plan still have an opportunity to find vital resources, but more work may be required on their end to achieve success. The premium plan unlocks access to advanced storytelling features, reporting tools, and significantly more AI-assisted social media posts per week, which streamlines workflows, allows for greater audience engagement, and can vastly improve your impact on the ground.

The Community Builder plan is aimed at growing NPOs who have already started to establish a good-sized audience and supporter base, and are looking to take their impact to the highest level. It removes all limits on posting to our marketplaces and using the social media Storytelling Center, increases the team member account limit for the nonprofit, and gives you advanced reporting features to better measure your reach and refine your strategy.

Yes, we offer free trials for both of our paid plans, which allow you full access to their respective benefits for 30 days.

You will need to provide your credit card details at the start of your free trial. When the trial period expires, you will then be charged for the full yearly price of the plan, depending on which plan you selected. If you cancel the plan before the free trial expires, you will be able to continue with the trial until the 30-day trial period is up, after which you will be downgraded to your previous plan (or the Starter Plan if you hadn’t yet paid for another plan).

At this stage, we support Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn. More channels will be added in the future.

The Copalana Storytelling AI Assistant is a powerful co-pilot that helps you create and refine many types of content, including your own mission statement, descriptions of your Initiatives and Campaigns, and many types of inspiring and engaging social media posts across the full range of channels. It’s built into the Copalana platform and accessible by all nonprofits, regardless of plan. However, certain social media content types and templates are not available to Starter plan users, and you can only create a certain number of social media posts. Additionally, only users on the Story Teller plan can use the scheduling calendar and other advanced features.

Initiatives are a nonprofit’s main aims and projects. They can be highly specific, such as building a school for the disadvantaged, or more general and complex, such as fighting gender inequality. Each Initiative has its own dedicated page and donation button, with which a supporter can directly contribute to that cause (rather than to the nonprofit as a whole).

Campaigns are specific, time-based fundraisers which support Initiatives. These can be set up and run by either the nonprofits themselves, or by individual supporters / employees (we call these individuals Champions, because they are). These could be pledge campaigns, seasonal fundraisers, event-based, and anything in between.

Team Events are hands-on, full- or half-day volunteering events offered by nonprofits to teams of employees or individuals in the community. These provide a level of fundraising to the nonprofit, through a financial contribution from the company / event organiser, as well as an excellent way to network with potential corporate partners and spread your message further.

Skills Volunteering projects are opportunities for an employee or individual to offer their professional skills for free to a nonprofit, to help them fill skill gaps and stretch their resources further. Requested skills could be anything, for example graphic design, accounting, social media strategy, project management, legal, etc. These opportunities are generally remote-based, so you can get volunteers from anywhere in the world.

For more information on Initiatives, Campaigns, Team Events, and Skills Volunteering projects, please visit their respective pages: Fundraising, Team Events, Skills Volunteering.

As these limits are subject to change, please refer to the table above to see specific limits for usage of each feature. Unless otherwise noted, this is a per-account limit (i.e. once you reach the limit, you will have to upgrade to the next tier to post more social media content / Initiatives / Campaigns / etc.).

Customised plans may be available to your nonprofit, depending on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

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