Find your way to make a difference

Ready to help the world but don't know where to start? With multiple ways to contribute, Copalana lets you make a bigger impact on today's problems.

I'd like to

Volunteer your skills

Share your professional skills with a nonprofit through remote volunteering. Help them amplify their impact and achieve better results on the ground.

The impact our community has made

Hands-on Volunteering

Use your hands to do good. Sign up to non-profit run events in your local area, directly help their mission, and reconnect with your community.

Donate & raise funds

Join forces with the crowd and help out nonprofits with their most urgent work. Share in their success and see the direct impact of your giving.

Running campaigns

Get fundraising goals to the finish line by participating in mini campaigns. Lend a helping hand to champions who share your passion for a cause.

Working together: It's what we were made to do

  • Our society always runs best when we work together. Like every other species on the planet, it’s what we’re wired to do.
  • When we collaborate and help each other, we have more strength to overcome the pressing problems of today.
  • When you contribute what you have to the whole, everyone in the community benefits.
  • We make it simple to give, and to find your place in the global community. We make it simple for you to feel good about yourself and your purpose and optimistic about our future together.

Help the world. Find yourself.

  • Make an active choice to tackle the world's challenges, and find self-fulfillment in the process.
  • Whether you're contributing time or money, the act of giving to something you care about leads to greater life satisfaction and a greater sense of purpose.
  • As you make deep connections with causes that inspire you, you'll not only feel the happiness of helping, but also the joy of true collaboration and the personal growth that it brings.

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