Give the Gift of Giving With a Copalana Gift Card

Buying a present for someone you love is often more rewarding than getting one. But choosing the gift itself can be hard! Not only is it hard to find a gift that they will really like, but the materialistic aspect of gift-giving is at odds with what most of us really want to do: disengage from the excesses of consumer culture and contribute meaningfully to a fairer, more sustainable future for everyone.

So what do you do? How do you give something that shows you care, but that also has a positive impact on the world?

No matter the occasion, a Copalana gift card is a wonderful way to give: not just to the people you care about, but also towards building a better world. Each customisable gift card helps fund innovative social and environmental impact projects, making them the perfect gift idea for everyone.

What Makes a Copalana Gift Card the Perfect Gift?

When you give a Copalana gift card to someone, they’re free to put those funds towards any project which is being supported by the Copalana crowdfunding ecosystem. So instead of just putting money towards a charity in their name, they get to choose exactly how their gift will be used, and on which specific projects. This enhances the act of giving in so many ways:

Supporting Their Passion for Change

All of us feel passionate about some cause. The challenging part is knowing where to direct that energy! By allowing the recipient of the gift card to choose which project they’d like to help fund, they get to act directly on something that they care about. They can also follow along with the project as it progresses and share in the delight when it succeeds, which increases their level of personal engagement and makes the process of giving much more rewarding.

Removing the Barriers to Giving

Whether it’s a tight budget, a lack of in-depth knowledge, or simply not enough time, many people really do want to support a cause but find it hard to take the first step. Copalana gift cards remove all these barriers for entry, allowing people to build a better world – and feel good about it too – even if they are otherwise unable to.

Because it’s a gift, they don’t have to worry about where their donation will fit into their budget. Because there are a diverse and detailed array of projects hosted on the Copalana platform, they can easily find one that they’re interested in and don’t have to worry about doing loads of research about it. And because we handle everything else, it only takes them a couple of minutes to fund a project and change the world!

Encouraging Everyone to Go Above and Beyond

If the recipient of the gift card does have some extra room in their budget, our gift card system makes it simple to “top up” the gift amount with a donation of their own when it’s time to redeem it. It’s entirely up to them!

For those with the means, this option gives them an opportunity to give more to their project of choice. It’s an amazing feeling to contribute personally to a cause you’re passionate about, and the top-up feature on our gift cards inspires everyone to take this further step – without making anyone feel guilty if their budget doesn’t allow it.

Creating a Culture of Goodness

Pure, charitable selflessness is a lovely idea in theory. In practice, however, donating constantly without getting anything back can lead to disillusionment and burnout. It’s not that we need wealth or material goods in return: just the simple things like joy, satisfaction, and pleasure are more than enough to make you want to keep on giving.

Based on the always-enjoyable tradition of giving and receiving gifts, Copalana gift cards make everyone feel good about helping the world. We take the best part of gift-giving – the smile on their face when they unwrap and use their present – and join it together with effective grassroots projects that are truly making the future a better place to live in. This creates a culture of goodness, where everyone wants to give because it’s so much fun!

How Do Our Gift Cards Work?

The process of both giving and redeeming our gift cards couldn’t be easier. You can set any amount for your gift and also customise the card with your own text and image, giving it a personal touch that they’ll love. You can also schedule when the card is sent out, so you don’t have to worry about remembering the date!

Redeeming the card and putting the funds into a project is just as simple: all it takes is a couple of clicks for them to find a project they’re interested in and then contribute to it, and our robust crowdfunding ecosystem handles the rest! If you want to know more about the process, find out here.

You don’t have to choose anymore between caring about someone and caring about the world. With a Copalana Gift Card, you can do both at the same time! Get started here and give the gift of giving today!

Raphael Shinners
About the author
Raphael Shinners
Copalana gift cards are a wonderful way to give: not just to the people you care about, but also to the world.

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