How a Gift Card Program Can Boost a Non-Profit's Impact

The world is changing rapidly, and with it our spending habits, motivations, and goals. That means how we give is changing too, and if a non-profit wants to tap into this next-generation giving, they have to also explore alternative options for funding.

One such innovative approach is the integration of a gift card program. This is a concept that has not only gained a lot of traction over the last few years – as the public appetite for sustainable giving has grown exponentially – but also offers numerous benefits for any forward-thinking non-profit.

Platforms like Copalana, which provide charitable gift cards, represent a unique opportunity for non-profits to diversify their fundraising strategies and amplify their impact.

Let’s see how implementing a gift card program can significantly benefit your organisation.


What’s a Charitable Gift Card?

A charitable gift card is similar to a traditional gift card but with a philanthropic twist. Instead of purchasing goods or services, the cardholder can allocate the card's value to a fundraising project or initiative of their choice. For non-profits, offering gift cards provides a dual benefit: it appeals to donors looking for meaningful gift options and increases the potential for funding.


Broadening the Donor Base

One of the primary advantages of a gift card program is its potential to broaden the donor base. Gift cards can attract individuals who might not have previously considered donating to a non-profit. When given as a gift, these cards encourage recipients, who may not be regular donors, to engage with charitable causes. This engagement can lead to increased awareness and potentially, long-term support.


Enhancing Donor Engagement

Gift cards can also enhance donor engagement. By giving a gift card, donors are not just making a donation; they are providing recipients with the opportunity to actively participate in the process of philanthropy. This active participation can be more satisfying and engaging than passive donation, fostering a deeper connection with the cause.


Flexibility and Personalisation

The flexibility offered by platforms like Copalana is a significant advantage. Recipients have the liberty to choose where they allocate their gift, which can be particularly appealing to those who have specific interests or causes they are passionate about. Additionally, non-profits can brand these gift cards with their own imagery and messaging, creating a personalised tool that aligns with their branding and mission.


Streamlining the Giving Process

For many potential donors, the complexity and time involved in making a donation can be deterrents. Gift cards streamline the giving process. They offer a convenient, straightforward, and quick way for individuals to support causes they care about. This ease of use can encourage more frequent and diverse types of donations.


Building Partnerships and Corporate Involvement

Charitable gift cards present an excellent opportunity for corporate partnerships. Businesses can purchase these cards in bulk to give to employees, clients, or customers, thereby demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility. For non-profits, this can be a gateway to forming long-lasting partnerships with the corporate sector, potentially leading to more substantial support beyond the gift cards.


A Tool for Occasion-Based Fundraising

Gift cards are particularly effective for occasion-based fundraising. They make ideal gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or corporate events. By promoting gift cards as thoughtful presents for special occasions, non-profits can tap into the vast market of gift-giving, translating these occasions into fundraising opportunities.


Encouraging Repeat Donations

Another significant benefit of gift cards is their ability to encourage repeat donations. Recipients who have a positive experience allocating a gift card may be more inclined to become regular donors. Moreover, the giver of the gift card may also see this as a convenient and impactful way of contributing regularly to their favoured causes.


Measuring Impact and Donor Preferences

Gift card programs can also provide valuable data and insights into donor preferences and behaviours. By tracking which projects or initiatives are most frequently selected by card recipients, non-profits can gain a better understanding of donor interests, guiding future fundraising strategies and communications.


Common Challenges and Considerations

While the benefits are significant, there are also challenges and considerations for non-profits looking to implement a gift card program:

  • Brand Alignment: It’s crucial to ensure that the branding and messaging of the gift cards align with the non-profit’s ethos and mission.
  • Promotion Strategy: A well-thought-out promotion strategy is essential to maximise the reach and impact of the gift card program.
  • Donor Education: Non-profits must educate potential donors about the availability and benefits of charitable gift cards.


Incorporating a charitable gift card program, as offered by platforms like Copalana, can be a transformative move for non-profits. It opens up new avenues for fundraising, broadens and diversifies the donor base, enhances engagement, and offers valuable insights into donor preferences. By leveraging the power of gift-giving for charitable purposes, non-profits can significantly amplify their impact and reach, turning every special occasion into an opportunity for meaningful contribution and support.

Raphael Shinners
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Raphael Shinners
Gift cards are an ideal way for non-profits to embrace next generation giving and find new fundraising streams. Here's why!

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